International Lays Chips Taste Test

Birt 12 júl 2021
Where in the world do these international Lays chips come from? GMM # 1995

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  • in the netherlands we have lays kfc too

  • That haircut is a crime, so mission accomplished

  • Yeh, Marmite and Vegemite differ in flavors

  • I'm from the UK and we have almost all of these flavours

  • Damn, Wish you guys did Paprika Lays from Poland

  • When Rhett says " this is great entertainment " 🥴

  • I Like Lays

  • Pronouncing Vienna like that is eternally entertaining

  • We get the KFC ones in the UK too

  • You can get KFC Walkers in the UK

  • mythical bits is not linked in the description

  • My favorite food show on youtube

  • 05:03 "Okay, If you don't do a "bad job" in your pants during this game you get the present" LMAO

  • Yo kfc flavoured crisps are amazing like there in my local shop and is 39p per large bag and its amazing

  • I replayed 4:00 so many times

  • sorry 7:47

  • He’s a CHIPmunk, too funny

  • Links head is so abnormally large looking

  • I get so excited when my country participates, and lowkey bummed when it doesn't

  • "Dockers!"

  • Why haven't you started making the videos in a higher resolution yet????

  • I'm, as a Cypriot, just really happy to be a part of this lol

  • That other country that prawn cocktail flavour originally exists in is the UK! Marmite is nowhere near as popular it's more of a gimmick!

  • Wow haven't watched good mythical morning for a while and didn't expect Rhetts sweet new look

  • This game should be called “Rhett says where he thinks food is from and link copy’s him”

  • Cucumber flavored potatoes just doesn’t sit right with me.. 😅

  • you shoud try norwegian candy/snacks. It`s litttt

  • time to binge good mythical morning and draw

  • As an Aussie, yes there is a massive difference between the taste of Marmite and Vegemite. Marmite is gross

  • Walkers just released a fish and chip flavour crisp and my pregnancy aversions make me wanna throw up everytime I see it 🤮 I also thought prawn cocktail was only in the UK, never seen them anywhere else

  • Haircuts..please get haircuts....

  • "If you don't do a bad job in your pants during this game, you get the present!" I nearly lost it laughing!😂

  • Link your mom is watching this while Rhett’s mom is watching you.

  • You got the 3 super chips and the KFC flavour in The Netherlands too though…

  • Is link's forehead growing?

  • We have KFC lays in Europe too now


  • IT'S A LAYS CRUISE SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arguably the best ISprofile channel👏

  • Just a side note for the pickle flavour from Belgium. Belgian pickles are not the same as a dill pickle. It is a type of sauce (very similar to the English Piccalilly) made with cauliflower, dill pickles, mustard, onions, vinegar and other ingredients. I think the lays flavour represents that sauce and not an actual pickle. That's why it is a typical Belgian flavour and why you didn't recognize it.

  • Rhett's hair is unfairly lovely

  • Link that is not a flavor of chip

  • Idk why Rhett catching the prawn chips gave me Captain America catching Mjolnir vibes lol

  • We get KFC walkers in UK too

  • Thighland?!

  • I'm Thai and I never like KFC Lay's. It just inaccurate, that's all.

  • if any geography teachers are reading this, I have a learning disability and never in my life could I learn or understand maps. Watching this game has completely changed that for me. I can now look even at a globe and know where i am looking at almost perfectly. This game in classrooms could really help kids with learning issues. Plus if you have someone who knows how to actually throw darts properly (it gets to me how they have never learned) they can also gain a skill.

  • Prawn cocktail are my favourite eon buttered bread

  • UK Liverpool, born and bread never tasted Marmite or the flavour crisp but the fact they replaced BBQ rib with Marmite is atrocious

  • Recommend

  • They should do a pringles episode. Just had paprika pringles and Swiss cheese Pringle’s in Greece at my in-laws place

  • Bruh they didn't do India's Magic Masala? It's so iconic here in India. But I guess it's not as weird/interesting it just tastes really good

  • Why won’t you awesome people let your fans play too?? Don’t show us the answer until the boys give their answer. Maybe even give us the countries to chose from?

  • the cucumber flavoured chip actually IS amazing and I really like it

  • Tip to Rhett, never explain before throwing dart. Link will just have easier time when you do it lol.

  • theyre so done with this hahahahahaha

  • We have KFC Lays in Germany too.

  • Well that's a lie... We have a walkers max crisps kfc edition in the UK

  • We have all 3 in canada

  • Hahaahahaha, the samples of Rhett's mom was pretty great :P

  • I have had all of these from Tesco in the UK haha

  • Prawn cocktail is my favourite flavour, now I have to visit Cyprus and try your version!

  • You guys always do only Brazil in South America

  • Yes big difference between marmite and vegemite. That difference is vegemite is the best 👌🏼🇦🇺

  • *these flavors are mainly and/or exclusively found in these countries* meanwhile there’s me in the Netherlands getting these all in one store 😂😂

  • You should have put a sprite in the box...

  • What's more marketable than "Would yout parents like some Marmite? Marmite, but pa might not"

  • Love this game 🧡 …. but, um… where’s the next vlog episode ? Please bring it back!

  • Im from Cyprus and we looove those Prawn Cocktail chips here.

  • I recommend trying wise brand onion rings they are in my opinion really good

  • I was thinking about all the silly flavours we managed to get ourselves in the Netherlands, and then Belgium got itself the spotlight! I still feel somewhat proud.

  • Of course I missed you

  • It all about food! That gmm is all about now!

  • Vy-eena sausages? Does he pronounce the capital of Austria that way too, or just the sausages?

  • Why is Rhett so good at flavor profiling? He should be a food critic.

  • Canada have Ketchup and Dill Pickles chips and i am sure paprika may be close to all dressed chips !!!

  • ISprofile "Here's one you haven't seen yet" Me "Thigh-Land!!"

  • “I don’t think it matters”….

  • Y’all should taste test all the Zapps chips!!

  • the kfc chips are also in the netherlands so not exclusive

  • I think link wants a human flavored chip 🤣 lmao also ew I'm sorry that thought entered my brain

  • viener? your not cute

  • Link should know by now, if you don't have a good answer then you should just throw it at the middle of the board...

  • Hey

  • 9:59 um we uh- we actually have these in the uk too

  • Why a chipmunk?

  • We have kfc flavour in the Netherlands as well so its not exclusive to thailand, but they have the ridged chips and we have flat :(

  • Wait y'all don't have paprika?! That's like the default here in Belgium together with salt!

  • You probably give the cucumber lays chips to some kappas(if you dont know what a kappa is, google it)

  • Imagine rhett and link lays chipps...TARANTULA FFLAVORED LAYS CHIPS!

  • 16:10 Belgaum is actually a city in India 😀

  • These are some of my favorite episodes.

  • In the UK we have these crisps (chips) called MAX , and there's two types of KFC flavours, the ZINGER and the normal KFC flavour, but they don't taste anything like KFC like you guys said, which is a big let down :(

  • It’s so incredibly cute to me the way Link calls Rhett’s mother “Mama Di”

  • Ok Belgium with ketchup here in canada ketchup chips is a icon

  • Quite unfortunate they did this video in the middle of the Frito-Lay strike. Giving the company positive publicity as the workers were demanding proper working conditions.

  • We got the KFC chips as well in the Netherlands

  • 12:06 Rhett that catch was insane lol

  • Lol the slingshot explosion had me rolling

  • We actually have the KFC flavour in the Netherlands aswell!!!