Blind Freeze Dried Candy Taste Test

Birt 20 ágú 2021
Today, we're tasting freeze dried candy and trying to guess the original snack. GMM # 2012

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  • Candy is mostly water .... Just like the earth. -Rhett Mclaughlin 2021

  • This is one of the best episodes

  • Is it just me, or did this show get a lot hornier since the last time I watched them?

  • Link: “Trevor have you been keeping this between your thighs?” Trevor: *”yESsIr”*

  • 15:40 You’ve been keeping this between your thighs? *2 seconds later* Smells it 😂

  • you needed to ultra slowmo that peep break

  • I love how link on the gummy worm was just like “A-A uh a- uh stunted growth.-“

  • Link cant eat the One Piece!! Its too soon!!

  • I had a freeze dried mint chip ice cream sandwich at the Space Center in Houston. Had a consistency of styrofoam but tasted like an ice cream sandwich. One of my weirdest culinary experiences.

  • *M I L K B O N E*


  • I can't stop looking at Rhett's right elbow. Is it always like that or am I trippin?

  • Being a denture wearing young one thanks to radiation I am thankful for freeze dried candy

  • Link -> “ you ever think to rehydrate it with your saliva ? “ yes I do that with freeze dried strawberries and stuff 😂😭😭

  • Link: "I kinda feel like sucking a finger muahmuahmuahmuah"

  • The absolute best part is link using the little vacuum that doesn't work well.

  • 11:08 link had no childhood.

  • Link is not that smart lmao

  • rhetts face when the peep exploded

  • Hey man if your kids wanna put meanings and beliefs on the crystals just let em 😂

  • Berries and cream, berries and cream - I'm a little lad who loves berries and cream

  • Why didn’t y’all do the link peep clip!!!

  • I feel like rett and link are the two hairy dads of ISprofile

  • Link: Trevor has this been between your thighs? Trevor: Yes sir! Link: *sniffs bag*

  • i’m watching this with a bag of trolli crawlers on my lap… i was in for a surprise

  • They should do a whole episode as a musical. Call it good musical morning

  • 7:03 “OH”

  • Oh man Rhett's facial reaction when he crushed the freeze dried peeps was like shock and confusion and sadness for a whole min there

  • “Is it in there?” 👀 phrasing Link

  • I don’t care about asmr… but that snap🥵

  • 15:16 hahaha gold

  • 6:35

  • Trolli’s aren’t very sour in the first place, so I get why they didn’t get that one for awhile.

  • I love that mini finger vacuum 😂😂😂

  • “We’re gonna try freeze dried treats” *”Is it chicken?”*

  • 14:52 lmao!! Rhett “Oohh and it’s unrolled” Link “No that rolled up” his face while examining the fruit roll up lol ahh.. my side hurts

  • Rhett: Can I crush this with my fingers? Universe: Yes.

  • Today I learned (or maybe re-learned) that fruit roll-up and fruit by the foot aren’t the same thing… wow it’s been close to 20 years since I’ve asked my parents to buy them.

  • Watching this show just puts a damm smile on my face



  • Link never knows 😂 He only guess correct sometimes


  • Link relax with that finger suckin ladd💀


  • Classic rhett n link. Brilliant.

  • candy is NOT mostly water

  • “Trever you’ve been keeping this between your thighs?” “Yes sirrr!” XD

  • I wonder if Eugene O’Neill is rolling in his grave

  • so cool! I wish they'd show what the originals looked like for all of them for any non american viewers who haven't seen the candy before tho or can't remember

  • 545 people have surpassed a need for mythicality

  • We need more freeze dried foods!

  • Next Will-it....Will it Freeze Dry?

  • Should've given them skittles, TKOR did freeze dried skittles and Calli just carries a bag of freeze dried skittles around now and finds them better than actual skittles lol Shouldve made them addicted too

  • When Rhett and Link started singing my cat just shook his head 🤣

  • i tried some freezer dried skittles and they made the right side of my gums swell up for some reason

  • You missed an opportunity to say “is freeze dried candy…just as dandy?”

  • Link I know you think youre zany and funny when you eat. But its gross.

  • And here we have Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffaulo doing things for science!

  • Rhett’s face after crushing that peep - looked like he witnessed the zombie apocalypse

  • Curious to see how much this episode affected freeze dried candy sales.

  • I feel this should have been a TKOR crossover episode.

  • I wonder how much time I have spent watching these guys eat

  • Mothballs and Milk Bones... 😂😂😂

  • I wish Link was a better guesser

  • Give link the point for the caramel apple ones! He guessed apple and Rhett just did word association 🙄😂

  • "Its a 3,2,1 bro" 😂

  • I don’t think Rhett should have got points on the candy apple one, you’re guessing the candy not the flavor

  • I brought one of the T-shirts already love it soooo much

  • "but what does it do to the taste?" Well, as any King of Random viewer can tell you, it intensifies the flavor.

  • The straight on shadow of Link’s collar screams vaquero mustache…

  • Link gets hyper with sugar

  • Trevor's over enthusiastic "yes sir!" *got me*

  • This show used to be funny. Now they try way to hard to get a laugh

  • Rhett: "super crunchy candy like this, does that exist?" Me: *laughs in British*

  • Link : “Sour patch(ed) kids” 😂

  • I didn't know I needed a musical starring these two until today.

  • I’m eating the Carmel apple suckers rn lmao

  • Why Rhett look like he was stranded on a island kinda gives me surfer vibes still tho looks good on him🤝

  • 14:00 Rhett: “Candy is mostly water” Dentists: 👁 👄 👁

    • watchgirls18. com Link: “They’re gunna start associating beliefs with the crystals.” Rhett: “…welcome to LA”

  • wow. link still cant grow a beard?

  • Rhett is literally asking if the candy that he is eatin exists

  • 6:28 they should do an entire episode as a musical

  • Link: "Is it in there???" Crew's laughing because THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

  • Good Mythical Musical as the next April Fools' Day episode.

  • The first two just look like flavored chicharonnes tbh

  • You could cook a turkey between his thighs.

  • Title of this kinda was hinting at some ass eating. I'm here for it lmao 😅

  • “Might start associating beliefs with crystals” Ouch man that hurt lol

  • "Candy is mostly water. Just like the Earth." -Rhett 2021

  • “A whopper is a freeze dried milk dud.” I’m no candy scientist but let’s be real, this is a stretch beyond armstrong.

  • I'm so glad Stevie gives hints otherwise you'd be there all week lol

  • 🎶do you know what it isssss🎶

  • Never heard of a Caramel Apple Sucker? Ya'll need to travel the Midwest more often.

  • I’ll say this before watching that freeze dried skittles ARE THE BEST

  • I don’t know why but rhett crushing the peep and their surprised faces when it exploded literally had me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • when these guy "break" something in half, they should be competitive about who has the bigger piece, like a "wishbone". I wish link had gotten a point for having the bigger half of the fruit roll up,

  • laffy taffy is SOOO close to being a fruit roll up, it's like an unhealthy version of a fruit roll up. xD

  • yeah, But I guessed the exact flavour. .. "OK", ...... Oh boy these two are getting to act a bit more mature, are they growing up?

  • its impressive how bad link is