Does Food Dye Make Food Taste Better? (Challenge)

Birt 18 ágú 2021
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Can we look past the sparkly, bright, rainbow-colored exterior of these unicorn foods to determine if what’s inside is truly magical, or absolutely disgusting? GMM # 2011

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  • Love how link is staying with the times...its ok to be slow ..😊😊😊😊😊

  • Hey!? I'm from Sioux city born and raised 😡 🤣

  • Can't wait when there age 50

  • i was seriously misread by the tittle and thumbnail

  • This video is just a Lisa Frank dreamscape

  • Nice

  • I get more and more impressed with the set design in every new video. 🦄

  • This episode brought to you by Lisa Frank

  • I love Rhett's jacket, where can I get one???

  • i cannot stop watching minute 10:23, i love it so much idk whyy

  • Why do they both look like they're in a scene synthpop band in 2009.

  • that horse is actually sans

  • I applied for Chime twice & was denied both times 😂😂😂😂

  • “What would JoJo Siwa do?” That’s going in the quote book lmao

  • Skittles would have been a good sponsor for this

  • I legit owned those same leggings Rhett’s wearing like 6 years ago lol

  • Where can I get Rhett’s jacket?! It’s incredible !

  • Its a horse tail and top of the tail is the dock and the fridge on a horse is called the forelock.

  • The title does not fit the episode at all

  • i didn't realise Twilight was featuring in this video

  • Lisa Frank barfed all over this episode.

  • Rhett stole Smosh's Olivia's jump suit.

  • I've missed this game

  • this vid is soooooo lgbtqia+ friendly cos it rainbow x👍🏻😊🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • 8:42 😄

  • This episode is brought to you by Bronis’ Wet Dreams

  • This threw me back to two items. 1) Lisa frank 2) the Heinz colored ketchup

  • The title doesn’t have anything to do with the video lol. They never had un-dyed food

  • Me dying from anaphylactic shock because I’m allergic to food dye

  • Imeam yheegf

  • “What would jojo siwa do?”

  • Ok, I really want Rhett’s jacket, that is awesome.

  • Amazing outfits and great work on the colourful props/food!!

  • Should've done this during pride month

  • Title doesn’t match the video. This was just the who gets the good food game when it should have been a blind taste test to see if you could identify the rainbow versions

  • Watching gmm on 2x speed is a whole new experience

  • i love the unicorn table 🤩🤩🤩🤩mythical crew truly snapped

  • Buttstallion?

  • Title doesn’t make sense today guys!

  • Drawing sticks is the only thing link beats rhett at

  • Hey Rhett the 80s call and they want there jacket back lol

  • It seemed the choices that looked like they took the least effort to make were the bad ones. That’s how I would have made my decisions if I were playing the game.

  • Someone let Rhett know that the sims are looking for their jacket back

  • 13:31

  • Rhet totally chose not to say link won by a hair.

  • Their leggings tho😅😻

  • Tell me. What's with the plants 🪴

  • I’d weirdly wear Rhett outfit.

  • This whole episode is a Lisa Frank wet dream. 🌈

  • Link really makes some moments. Rhett too. But, Link?

  • the setup rhyme for the game didn't end the way I thought it would... "city" just isn't the first word that comes to mind to rhyme with "pretty"

  • can y’all link the jacket rhett is wearing pls lmfao i need it

  • Random… but I love Rhett’s jacket! 😁

  • todays episode is brought to you by the gays.

  • we have low video quality today

  • I'm allergic to a really prominent food dye so this is a really interesting episode! Sometimes I just wish food looked a little uglier so I could eat it haha

  • Why you attacking Sioux City like that guys. It just smells like a gutter hhaha

  • I demand to know who's been to Sioux city and is making it so well known that they stink lol

  • Getting such strong Lisa Frank vibes. I love it!

  • What did the horse say to the bee?

  • I was hoping for a "regular" pancake vs unicorn pancake.. "regular" bagel vs unicorn bagel, etc.. based in the title :/ still fun though

    • They changes it from "which unicorn food tastes the best" or something like that.

    • Same.

  • Where is Link's leopard shirt from though?? I need it in my lifw

  • Unicorn or Shittycorn

  • What an extremely strange title for the video, it’s not relevant at all

  • Constructive criticism: Whoever made that unicorn need to go back to anatomy class. (Because the face is supposed to be like unto a horse) everything else, especially the food is amazing though!

  • You guys must have the most interesting looking/smelling poops

  • Link made the horse say “Wasabi” but i heard “Whassuuuuh b” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Every day I ask myself "what would Jojo Siwa do"

  • Every time link plays this game I just think of the princess bride hahaha

  • I need a jacket like Rhett’s ASAP

  • Fabolous (😁) leggings fellas

  • i live in Sioux City :(

  • WOW! I definitely did not expect to see my hometown mentioned in a GMM video. That was very surprising and somewhat mind-blowing. Shoutout to anyone else in the Sioux City area.

  • IT TASTES SO COLORFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I love these spin table challenges, some of my favorite episodes. Seeing link choke when he thinks he picks the right one is priceless.

  • "We want a unicorn prop." "What kind?" "It doesn't matter, you pick." "Unicorn ass table it is."

  • I want to know where Rhett got his jacket!! Love love love!

  • Omg Sioux city 😂 it's funny cause we nickname the place "sewer" city

  • Unicorn got that Seth Rogen laugh



  • Couches in the bowling alley in Russia. They clearly know what they are doing.

  • Hehe

  • It would have been funny if they lady and tramped with the tail pulling.

  • Love the episode but from the title, I thought it would be more "scientific" (word used loosely) like a blind taste test or something comparing foods with food coloring vs. non-food colored foods. Was hoping for green eggs & ham. But still enjoyed the episode!!!!

  • Unihorn

  • Immediately loved links unicorn bit Nd Rhett streaming by it

  • I feel Rhett is sick of Links overreactions

  • those leggings tho

  • hey is there a GMM podcast?

  • The title made me think it was going to be a VS. Thing but instead it was unicorn vs unicorn, not unicorn vs plain..but hey...rainbow.

  • Cat food has FIGS!

  • Rhett looks like a southern Redfoo

  • Who else subbed 😎

  • i need to know where i can buy rhetts windbreaker i need it in my life

  • Good video

  • wow the set up looks amazing

  • This is like the third time i can remember that they talked about "Scary Spaghetti" and Link was like... lol

  • I would love to see Jeffery dean Morgan in a challenge with a bat or Norman Reedus in a crossbow challenge