Reacting To Crazy Science Experiments

Birt 28 júl 2021
Today, we're trying crazy science experiments with no directions. GMM # 2002

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  • woah, its a crypto egg

  • 5:10 got me laughing good

  • This video was pure chaos and i am here for it 😂😂😂❤

  • I don't believe for a second that Rhett didn't know about the mould effect

  • 7:38. Lol

  • The beaker boys and packet men should do a crossover episode

  • 0:23 i see that video effect guy nice job

  • God I want that shirt Rhett is wearing it's so cooool

  • I recognized the famous Mould's effect right away.

  • Link starting the first reaction too early multiple times 😂😂😂

  • 18:00 Humans in the yearS 2000 ! Are Ancestors would be proud , or worried .llol. We've come so far

  • i always forget how smarts these guys are


  • 7:38 Rhett just nods his head like "yup, that's a Link thing to do!"

  • Keep doing the science experience!! Definitely loved this episode

  • Yo Caitlyn is a cutie tho😍😍☺️☺️

  • Keep doing this!!! It’s awesome!

  • oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

  • more of this

  • Instead of using the candle in experiment 2, can't you just use the butane lighter? 🤷‍♀️ I guess it's more fun with the 🕯

  • The mental gym comment was translated into Links going to the library a lot.

  • How did it bounce in there twice?

  • There’s a video of a guy covering himself in hydrophobic powder and jumps into the water, and yes he does look like the Silver Surfer.

  • Link shaking the water and corn starch was the funniest thing ever

  • Miss this kind of episode. I would love to see more random experiments again!

  • these are actually way cooler and more educational than anything i did in public school science class

  • 19:33 👀👀👀 no ones sayin nothin huh?

  • 1:43 😧😂

  • 7:38 lol

  • Sometimes I forget they used to be engineers

  • I didn’t know that the first experiment could end up so chaotic

  • These episodes are CHAOTIC

  • "Euclid" the foundation has been discovered LOL

  • This one gave me a good laugh. Thank you

  • That bit with the bouncer in the start is one of the funniest things I've seen in a good while.

  • I can’t believe soot is hydrophobic in 2021

  • How did Link make it to over 40 with all his limbs?

  • I think they messed up the title, another reaction video has the same title

  • Literally had that same reaction as soon as it landed in that mug😂😂😂

  • Link was giving big younger sibling energy this episode

  • If anyone needs a glimpse into what it’s like to teach middle school, the first 3 minutes of this video is the perfect example… 🤦🏻‍♀️lol

  • I think I need to order that "who the heck are Rhett and Link" shirt. My mom literally says that every single time i bring them up no matter how many times I explain it or show her video clips

  • These are definitely some of my favorite episodes

  • the first 10 minutes was a producer's disaster

  • ,, this is a marshmallow ‘’

  • Links hair is starting to look like Rhett's did in the old logo

  • Link actually makes me upset because he didn’t allow the experiment to happen

  • CBC

  • can we havea whole series of episodes where Rhett, Link and the whole crew goes to space camp! Yall would let us live that same dream vicariously lol

  • The realization that these two were in a class together and likely lab partners at some point just really made me sympathize with their teacher.

  • I don't know why "why do you need to be this far away from a lamp?" is so funny to me~


  • Love this series

  • Stevie is my queen

  • You should have Science Mike do the explanations

  • Where Rhett get his shirt though .. ?

  • Make this a series! would love to see this every now and then :)

  • 15:40 “Can still win if we know the reacti- PUT IT DOWN! What’s the reaction we’re going for?” 😂 idk why I though that was so funny. It was kinda like a mom panicking at something their kid did. 😂

  • I love you guys and this this show a lot, but this episode link was just grating. He was like my boss, wants to help but just gets in the way.

  • Science!

  • Do a video with electroboom

  • Do we have another egg?

  • you guys should make shirts saying "i'm a Link" or "I'm a Rhett".... I am DEFINATELY a Link.... I spill everything just a clusterfuck of clumsiness

  • Omg I’m laughing so much

  • Stevie is adorable bye

  • Link- *spills water* Rhett *doesn't react*.

  • "I wanna see a clean video of Caitlyn" Hmm, Link..

  • I LOVE this type of episode

  • Rhett and Link now have to make a song in the style of a hybrid between Beach Boys and Beastie Boys and call the song Beaker Boys.

  • That was a very sad sounding "Lets Talk About That"

  • Oh it's the Mould effect!

  • I enjoy this type of episode. It's a nice break from the food-based shows.

  • does anyone know what the music is in between experiments? would really appreciate an answer :)

  • I went to space camp! It was honestly super cool and I wish I could relive it.

  • Rhetts lack of any response when link spills the water might be one of the funniest GMM moments. Need to see a “Saga of clumsy Link” compilation ASAP 😂

  • Links shirt reminds me of some Sturgill Simpson merch. “Who the F*** is Sturgill Simpson”

  • oh cmon its why never getting school class , remember knowledge is power , its "key" for your future :D , i laugh watching that , i dont know why that Rhett and Link did that without one seed know XD School is key for you :D

  • Hey, fyi, Eddie Izzard goes exclusively by she/her now!

  • Beaker Boys merch?

  • I think the most shocking part of this video is that they actually have drinks in their mugs. I always thought it was just a merch placement.

  • I haven't been here for about a year now, and they just keep getting more insane. These guys better be remembered forever.

  • Link is like a little kid in is head...

  • Link: "Its premature ..premature"

  • Everything Link touches breaks, bends, spills, falls lol

  • 1000th comment

  • *Nothing happening* Rhett: 😯😦😮

  • Perfect ✔️ Good job ✔️ Respect ✔️☀️❤️☺️✌️🔝❤️

  • Rhett & Link: The Beaker Boys Ned Fulmer: Science Daddy Need a video with all three and Wes cheering them on while eating candy

  • This summers set design is def my fav. I love the theme and colors.

  • Link didn't put it in there nicely, some was caught, had it been spooled nicely it would had been amazing.

  • Their glee at the results made my day!😁

  • Link has the attention span and behavior of a three year old. 😂

  • HOLY COW! I JUST FOUND COTTON CANDY RANDY (JORDAN MORRIS) ON BAR RESCUE! Season 6 episode 34 Hogtied Hams. He was a Recon that Jon Taffer sent in! 😮

  • shoutout to Steve Mould

  • "I did it cleaner" Sickest burn eva

  • They must never watch anything on the internet.

  • I was really amazed to see the beads exiting up over the beaker.

  • Hey y'all should do 'Good Mythical Moms' 🤣🤣

  • Anyone more amazed they still have space camp? Lol

  • The biggest current ongoing experiment is the “jab” 😂 and you all got it!!! Fools!