International Breakfast Sandwiches Taste Test

Birt 13 sep 2021
We are BACK for Good Mythical Morning SEASON 20 to ask the question.. where in the world do these international breakfast sandwiches come from? GMM # 2019

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  • okay I'll bite, which one is Rhett and which one is Link



  • You should do an international taste test where EVERY round is the mystery round.

  • Happy that you included the outside of US.

  • Singaporean here, and I'd like to say that those eggs are a little overcooked!

  • Eww gelato bun for breakfast is horrifying to me… 🤢

  • That breakfast is Malaysian!!

  • Anyone else have a strange urge to buy some Dockers-

  • Ohhhh Rhett had a nip-slip. 😎😂

  • I feel pretty sad for link

  • Im from Denmark, i’ve never seen that before HAHAHA

  • Rhett's mom's Dockers comments were hilarious and watching Chase laughing hard was great as well. Happy 20th from Abilene, Texas y'all.

  • Anyone else miss the hidden cams?

  • im from denmark and ive never seen that thing you call smørebrød i do eat a lot smørebrød but that aint it...


  • I am back and I insist that some pupusas, or some empanada de platano con poleada is made for them to guess. They are Salvadorean!

  • He really just said YEET xD

  • "I'm thinking about my mom in skinny jeans"...Rhett.. uh..

  • Hyped you're getting sponsorships, especially in the style of GMM! Keep it up

  • I was born in Macon too

  • Got overly excited when he said the arepa de huevo reminded him of a pupusa lol

  • nope we dont eat that for breakfast in denmark

  • I NEED that Singapore food

  • As a salvadoreña, it hurt my souls when Rhett said pupusas are Ecuadorian 😓😖

  • Would love to see Josh partner with TastingHistory to create some period dishes that Rhett and Link have to guess what country they come from in darts.

  • Is Chase wearing Dockers???🤣

  • Rhett’s mom had me crying all episode 🤣

  • I love that Rhetts mom was just roasting Link

  • Smørrebrød is more traditional food than actually eaten over here, and I've never heard of anyone who actually eats it for breakfast, unless you go to a brunch place instead of making your own breakfast at home. Also, that particular version in the show doesn't look like any smørrebrød I've ever seen. Salmon with roe is just not done, and smørrebrød usually has salad leaves as garnish, not dill.

  • The bums lost Lebowski 🤣

  • Singapore’s kaya toast💕💕💕

  • I'm just waiting for season 100 to roll around so I can maybe perhaps gets 100k.. and then if I copulate my kids could get a million

  • taking this opportunity to flex that rhett and i were born in the same place

  • Link can't get any closer to the board I think he has an advantage every time he throws... lol

  • Damn Chase looking good.

  • Rhett was born in Macon, Ga! I’m from Macon, Ga! I am now a super fan 😩😩

  • I love seeing them taste our Colombian goods! 🙌🇨🇴. My grandma makes the most delicious arepa de huevo, with harder egg yolks 😂

  • Rhett: *hits Mexico* Also Rhett: I may have hit Ecuador

  • We need a hidden camera as a button on a shirt but have link where it and have no idea 😂😂😂

  • I haven't watched ur videos in like a year but I think I am Going to get back into watching them

  • I will day this in the most respective way possible; damn chase those are some nice biscuits🙊

  • Arepas are Venezuelan, not Colombian and they're also not bread, so not a sandwich either

  • YEET!

  • Rhett: "You Got Anything Else For Me, Mom? Mom: " *Dockers* "

  • Chase is the best!!

  • roti bakar damnnn

  • Chase is getting self esteem I guess but buddy needs a shirt that fits him

  • Rhett is just ridiculously good at this game. Link sabotages himself everytime 🤣🤣🤣

  • I never thought one day I would see Reth and Link eat an effin arepa e' huevo...

  • I think it would be really cool if you transitioned to using an authagraph map

  • A moment of silence for how good chase looks in this

  • Link should just do the opposite of whatever he was thinking 😂

    • link can be such a weyou can really tell who's the "weak Link" when it comes to palates on this show

  • That "" Smørrebrød "" is not even close to the real thing we have here in Denmark. But else great show :)

  • “Reminds me of a pupusa, which i think is Ecuadorian” Me, a Honduran:but its Honduras and El Salvadorjfjdjdhfbjxkfkkdkzkxkxifudjdjxbfjkfjxixjjcu

  • thats the saddest piece of smørrebrød i’ve ever seen LMAO that needs a redo my friends

  • I can't stand runny eggs. There's no reason not to cook them through.

  • Random idea: Instead of breakfast items being guessed among the world countries, what if they guessed from their crew members? Or from the audience? Like, make a poll to ask what breakfast item people would want most. Or have people respond and count up the most popular or something? Might not be the best idea, but I would find that fun to watch.

  • For the next season you guys should up it and have an actual globe that rotates!!!!!

  • I love chase and his buttered buns 😭💕 Does anyone know if they still have their chinchilla?

  • As a Dane, I’ve never had that for breakfast. Lunch or dinner, but breakfast? Don’t think anyone I know has tried that.🤔

  • They forgot falafel again it is soo popular

  • I love Rhett’s laugh after his mom says something 🤣

  • Nahhh get them some real smørrebrød

  • Waiting for the day Somalia appears on here 😭

  • boobaloobaloobie bread

  • link can be such a weyou can really tell who's the "weak Link" when it comes to palates on this show

  • ⛽⛽⛽⛽⛽⛽

  • I want a chase.

  • I love Rhett's hair 🙂🙂🙌🙌🙌

  • Chase is look exceptionally handsome today

  • Pupusas are from el Salvador Rhett!

  • Do we think Dockers kidnapped Rhetts mom AND links dad in the jungle???

  • "Yolk Yeet Yark"

  • the arepa -besides being venezuelan- is not a sandwich come on! xD

  • Hey I’m born in Macon ga to man Ik there was a reason you were my favorite

  • Link needs to have his darts measured by inches to make this fair.

  • Oh boy, Salvadorians are going to be pissed at you guys. Pupusas are literally like the only thing they have, it's their national identity.

  • Cause rhètts mom is fake

  • Link: "What do other countries slip between their bready for breakie?" Me, a Scandinavian: "Between??"

  • Guys you should do a good mythical evening every Friday night

  • That smørrebrød looks like they heard about it but never Googled and found a picture of it. And for breakfast? I have never heard of that unless it's leftovers from the day before haha!

  • I'm Italian and I never see ice-cream with bread

    • @TheSniperHunter Questa cosa non la sapevo anche perché sono Veneto e perché non ho mai pensare di abbinare il gelato a pane

    • It’s a thing only in south of Italy. Lo fanno a Messina e a Reggio Calabria, solo in queste due zone, neanche in tutta la Sicilia o la calabria

    • DOCKERS!!!!

  • man that bit with rhett's mom got old fast.

  • Chase is so precious ❤️ "my rhett and link"

  • WTF Italy, eating desserts for breakfast?

  • Pupusa is from El Salvador! It's like the one thing!

  • for how much they do this game, you would think they would’ve gotten chase a better fitting map shirt. But by god I love that they haven’t lol

  • 11:52 Rhetts mama did the flight laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  • im from denmark and we do not eat that for breakfast.

  • The mom commentary was great 😂😂😂

  • I miss the not so inconspicuous cameras Rhett held lol

  • Did I miss the Canadian one??

  • Link: "What do other countries slip between their bready for breakie?" Me, a Scandinavian: "Between??"

    • @Ruben Skog Sacrilegious ratios!

    • Yeah too much bread man 😂

  • I must be the only dane that eats smørrebrød for breakfast lmao, not with caviar tho

  • Link: "I'm thinking North Korea..." Me: "NOT THIS AGAIN"

  • DOCKERS!!!!

  • What about Australia we have vegemite on toast.

  • Rhett cheated right away on the first sandwich by taking it apart and sampling only part. He lost.

  • Welcome back! We missed you Rhett’s mom. I’ll be sure to get some dockers 👀